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furniture materials and warranty


We stand behind the entire Modern Outdoor Collection and warrant it for quality workmanship, materials, and against defects in production. Warranties will be considered null and void in cases of neglect, misuse or intentional destructive use of our products.

Electro-polished Stainless Steel Frames

3 year limited warranty. Stainless steel is at its best, both aesthetically and functionally, when it has been electro-polished. Electro-polished stainless steel has a lustrous finish and remains unblemished under outdoor conditions of exposure that would quickly tarnish, corrode, or rust most other metals. Electro-polishing of stainless steel is commonly used in the marine, medical, and aerospace industries. The process cleans, smoothes, polishes, and deburrs the product surface. This leads to improved levels of hygiene and cleanability. In addition to these reasons, we choose to electro-polish our stainless steel products because of its ultimate benefits for our customers: corrosion resistance, resistance to contamination and bacteria growth, micro smoothness, and improved appearance. Even with electro-polishing, Modern Outdoor recommends regular cleaning of stainless steel frames on at least a monthly basis to remove any environmental deposits on the material that may lead to damage to the frame over time – in coastal environments this should be done on at least a weekly basis. For protection in coastal environments less than 1 mile from the salt air, we offer marine-grade stainless steel 316 or powder coating of our standard stainless steel frames for an up charge.

Powder Coated Steel Frames

1 year limited warranty. This frame option comes at pricing that is more affordable than stainless steel, but with the exact same designs and is warranted for a full year when used 3 or more miles away from salt air applications. Our standard color is Silver, but we can powder coat the color of your choice for an up charge. The steel we use has been treated to withstand outdoor applications – it has been sandblasted, phosphated, primed, powder coated, and finish coated. As this is not a refined structural steel, there may be slight imperfections in the steel, such as small pits and wrinkles, but they are slight in appearance. Powder coated steel is not appropriate for use in coastal environments – if you are within 3 miles of the salt air, we recommend using stainless steel (or use our Luma line in Marine-Grade Anodized Aluminum). The frames of your Modern Outdoor furniture will gleam for years to come with simple regular maintenance (soapy water cleaning with a non-abrasive towel). Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Marine-Grade Anodized Aluminum Frames

3 year limited warranty. Our Luma line features Marine-Grade Anodized Aluminum for the framing system. This is the perfect product for all environments – even coastal applications. There is a slight brush in the finish of the aluminum for an enhanced look. Simple regular maintenance (soapy water cleaning with a non-abrasive towel) will keep the frames in good condition. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Our aluminum is 100% recyclable so it is environmentally friendly.


Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is the wood of choice for the majority of the Modern Outdoor Collection. It is a South American hardwood sometimes called Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood or Pao Lope, and is easily one of the most beautiful, natural, and densest wood products available today. Due to prolonged exposure to the sun and other weather conditions, all wood gradually lose some of its density. This makes it absolutely necessary that your outdoor furniture be made of the densest wood available; and when it comes to density, Ipe has no superior. Ipe is naturally resistant to rot, insects, UV exposure, ice, salt, abrasion, and splintering, all without the need for toxic protective chemicals. Ipe is also class A fire rated – the same as concrete and steel. Ipe is so dense that it is 3 times as hard as teak. Outdoor products made from Ipe can last three times longer than those made from other woods, including Redwood and Cedar. Ipe is in fact, the wood used for the diner key marina in Miami and the Atlantic City Boardwalk  – it is also rated at a 25 year life outdoors by the United States Forestry Service. Natural checking (small fissures along the grain) may appear in Ipe, but it does not affect the strength or structure of the material. Ipe requires no sealers, treatments, or chemical preservatives to keep it durable and beautiful, and if left unoiled, Ipe will gradually age to a lustrous silver-gray patina. Hardwood oil has been applied to all of our Ipe products to highlight the rich reddish-brown natural tones inherent in the wood. To help prolong this look, oil should be applied when the wood begins to appear dull – once a quarter should be sufficient in mild climates – more often in harsher environments and after rain or cleaning. Even with periodic oiling, it should be noted that the wood will silver-gray patina over time. If this silver-gray patina is desired more quickly, simply do not apply oil. As Ipe is a natural product, slight variations in the color of each piece may occur. This adds to the ultimate beauty of the completed product. Although Ipe is one of the most useful and versatile organic wood products available for outdoor furniture, it is seldom used because the wood is so dense that it is difficult to fabricate into a finished product. However, we at Modern Outdoor have all of the machinery, craftsmen, and designers necessary to manipulate this exquisite wood into the products we present to you. It is for all of these reasons that Ipe is the wood of choice for the majority of the Modern Outdoor Collection. We believe in its inherent natural beauty, and trust in its ability to last for many years for your enjoyment.

Red Balau

Red Balau is an extremely hard, clear grade, tight-grained wood with extreme color consistency. It is a deep, rich red with a small amount of fine brown ribbons. We use Red Balau that is harvested from forests that are replanted in a sustainable agriculture program. We use Red Balau on the legs of our Kenji line as it is kiln dried to help reduce surface checking. Larger timber sizes such as the legs on our Kenji product are subject to increased checking which is why we use the kiln dried Red Balau in place of Ipe for this line of furniture. Red Balau possesses many of the same properties of Ipe – it is naturally resistant to decay, rot, and splintering. We use heartwood lumber that is free from knots. It has a class B+ fire rating and has the same maintenance of Ipe.

Marine-Grade Polyboard

For clients that want a look other than Ipe or want to have a virtually maintenance free product, this is the perfect option. As it is available in 6 colors, the color options allow for diversity within client’s designs – especially when used in conjunction with our powder coated steel frames, which are also available in a variety of color options (for an upcharge). It is a UV stabilized high density material that is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and chip resistant. Warm soapy water is all that is needed for general cleaning of this material. “Magic Erasers” by Mr. Clean also work well for general cleaning.

Natural Fiber Composite Tops

Our Kenji Collection uses a product that is made of cellulose fibers infused with resin for its table and bench tops. This material is produced from product harvested from FSC certified forests in North America, recycled paper, and phenolic resin. Because of the materials used, it is environmentally friendly and “green”. This product is easy and relatively carefree to maintain. Soap and water, or a non-ammonia type household cleaner is recommended for normal routine maintenance. Countertop magic is also a brand name product to use for cleaning. Depending on what look is desired, matte or polished, surface treatments are easily applied. If a polished look is desired, hardwood oil, mineral oil and wax oil are all suitable products to use to achieve this look. Do not use harsh abrasives on the surface.

Furniture Fabrics

5 year limited warranty. We offer six standard colors for the cushions and upholstery of our collections. In addition, we will work with COM materials (no upcharge when provided by client), as well as offer a complete palette of custom fabric choices for client design needs for an upcharge. Our fabric is 100% solution dyed acrylic. The material is treated for outdoor use in a manner to provide resistance to the natural buildup of dirt, oil and water repellency. To keep the fabric in good condition, remove dust periodically with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner, wash with clean water no hotter than 86 degrees fahrenheit when dirt is persistent, use a common dry cleaning product for grease stains – never use any other chemical products, and of course, move your cushions indoors during inclement weather conditions. Please contact us for a complete stain removal chart if needed.


Modern Outdoor standard cushions are made with flexible polyurethane foam. In order to maximize the life of the cushions, they should be stored inside during periods of inclement weather or be covered with appropriate furniture covers. In addition, when cushions are used with freshly oiled Ipe, the cushion may absorb the oils and be stained – as our cushions are not reversible this will only appear on the underside of the cushion. For clients that prefer to have cushions that require less attention, we also offer cushions made with flow-through foam that allows water to escape the foam. Flow-through foam is quoted specific to each order, please contact us for details. Should standard cushions be left to soak, they may take several days to dry depending on the size of the cushion.

umbrella warranties


Isla, Liberty, Resort, Luna, Alura and Corina

5 year limited warranty – this includes the mast, arms, ribs, center pole, top and bottom hubs and stainless steel hardware only. If there is damage under the warranty, the manufacturer will replace and/or repair any item listed in this category at its discretion. The 5 year limited warranty applies to Sunbrella Firesist, Sunbrella Firesist plus and Sunbrella furniture Grade fabrics. Visit for more details. 1 year limited warranty covers the powder coat finish on our steel bases. If the powder coat finish flakes, bubbles, peels or loses color; the manufacturer will re-finish or replace the defective bases at its discretion. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this limited warranty.

Wall Mount, Single Pole, Double Pole, 3 Cluster, 4 Cluster, 5 Cluster

3 year limited warranty on metal, plastic and aluminum parts. The manufacturer warrants to the consumer that umbrellas’s are free from manufacturer defects in material or workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of original purchase when used in compliance with directions as outlined in the manufacturer’s instructions, which includes reasonable and necessary maintenance by the consumer. Warranty does not include normal wear and tear of product. The manufacturer refuses all responsibility for incorrect use or assembly related to installation area, consistency of supports and relative hardware used, and capacity of mounting surfaces. Failure to follow the given assembly, maintenance, use and care instructions will void the product warranty. In case of manufacturing defects in material or workmanship, the manufacturer agrees to, at their discretion, send the replacement part for all defective parts. There is a 3 year limited warranty on the integrity of the canopy fabric, including degradation and uv resistance (discoloration). The following items are excluded from the warranty: breakage of the zipper and loosening of the seams.


Wind damage, acts of nature (such as, but not limited to, freezing or any type of extreme weather). Failures caused by abusive use and normal wear and tear are not covered under this warranty.